Welcome to the home of Jamaican Boccia.

Boccia is a Paralympic sport that is designed for persons with moderate to severe physical impairments. Boccia has no Olympic equivalent and is played indoors as part of the Summer Paralympic Games. It is a precision target sport that utilises soft balls made of leather. The game is a marriage of tactics, physical skill, and tension. Play today, play for Jamaica.

The Jamaica Boccia Association was formed in 2023 to develop the Paralympic sport of Boccia in Jamaica. We believe in the power of parasport to invigorate communities and change attitudes toward disability.

As the National Governing Body, we encourage the highest standard in play, coaching, and athlete development through a structured, transparent, and well-governed organization. We support and manage all levels of Jamaican Boccia, from grassroots play to the Jamaican National Boccia Team.

We are a member of the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA). Therefore we align ourselves with the values of the JPA by developing and fostering Parasport excellence in Jamaica.

Boccia is…

One of the most accessible sports out there. Anyone can play it. Even if Sport was never made available to you, give it a try! You may even discover that you like it and are good at it.

Boccia is…

A great way to be social and get out of the house. Find friends you share a love for the sport with and practice with them regularly. Your journey may take you to unexpected places.

Boccia will…

Expand your horizon. If you chose to compete along the Paralympic pathway you will get to travel the world and meet with likeminded athletes from all around the world while engaging in high quality tournaments.