Clean Sport

Everyone involved in the sport of Boccia has the right to attend competitions knowing that they themselves and their competitors do not use performance-enhancing substances.

We as the Jamaican Boccia Association (Boccia Jamaica) believe in and ensure clean Boccia by working in partnership with the Jamaica Anti Doping Commission (JADCO) and BISFed to ensure and protect the integrity of our sport.

Not only do performance-enhancing drugs and supplements as well as other doping behavior damage the legitimacy of sports, but it also undermines the integrity of athletes who do not engage in such behavior and ultimately damages trust for all.

Anti-Doping Rules

Boccia Jamaica follows anti-doping rules set out by JADCO and WADA which all athletes, coaches, and athlete support staff must follow. Anti-doping which Boccia Jamaica follows is consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code (2021), which set the rules on doping internationally.

The rules of JADCO are the anti-doping rules of Boccia Jamaica, these are frequently updated. Rule changes take effect and are conferred as the rules of Boccia Jamaica immediately.

Strict Liability

Strict liability means that all athletes are solely responsible for any banned (or assumed harmless) substances used, attempted to use, or that are found in their system. Strict liability does not care for how it got there or whether or not they had any intentions of cheating.

Supplements must be checked and thoroughly researched online before use. If you are unsure, ask your medical doctor for advice. Information obtained as a result of the research should be kept as evidence for perhaps a later date.

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) and how to apply for one

Athletes who must use a banned substance or method to treat a genuine medical condition, where there are no reasonable alternatives, have to apply for a TUE.

Athletes who compete for Jamaica internationally need to apply to their International Federation for a TUE – In Jamaica this Federation is JADCO. They do not need to do this if they have already been issued with a TUE by JADCO.

All TUEs must be applied for well in advance before competing. Only in an emergency situation or where there will be a severe impact on health, may treatment begin without the necessary approval. However, this should be raised with Boccia Jamaica as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for an emergency TUE application.