In order to make competition fair, Para athletes need to be classified before they compete both nationally as well as Internationally. 

In order to play, all athletes must be classified! Prior to the international classification, athletes will be classified nationally. However, even before national classification, athletes can self-classify.


Self-classification is a process where a player will assess themselves and with sufficient information from either the International Federation or Boccia Jamaica, be able to roughly place themselves into one of the 5 current boccia classes.

Boccia Jamaica is currently working on a self-classification tool which will be available shortly.

In the video below, players and their families can find out more about the physical profiles in Boccia. The video is provided by the International Federation, World Boccia.

It is important when self-classifying as well as presenting for classification that the player is always honest and complying to the best of their ability. Failure to do so will result in severe consequences which may include a 4-year ban from the sport.

Classification process

The classification process may at first seem overwhelming but can be seen as nothing more than a function test in order to play fairly at national and international competitions.

The video below, again provided by World Boccia, explains the classification process.

In Boccia, there are currently 4 IPC-recognized sports classes, they are explained in greater detail below.