Wat a guh dung in Jamaican Boccia?! Check-in From St. Elizabeth and Manchester Parishes

On Sunday the 23rd of July, Boccia players from the parishes of St. Elizabeth and Manchester came together at the Ingleside Badminton Complex to practice and play the sport of Boccia.

Jamaica is the latest nation and the first nation in the Caribbean to join World Boccia and become eligible to compete in Boccia events internationally which provide qualification for the Paralympic games. Boccia a Paralympic sport for persons with moderate to severe physical impairments.

A precision sport that requires cool nerves and a calm demeanor tests the physical skills of persons who have impairments affecting all four limbs and their trunks. It has been a part of the Paralympic Summer Games Program since 1984 and it has its own regional and world championships and is a part of the Parapan American Games.

We at Boccia Jamaica are preparing ourselves for international tournament participation while also hosting a variety of workshops to develop the sport across Jamaica which includes training coaches, classifiers, and referees who are integral to the development of the Sport across the island.

Our vision is to become a dominating force on the International competition scene and through our presence, advocate for persons with physical impairments across the whole of the island using Parasport as a powerful tool to do so!

Three Jamaican Boccia players standing in front of the Jamaican flag

The athletes in attendance at the Sunday training session were 17-year-old Khalil from St. Elizabeth Parish, 33-year-old Sherese, and 35-year-old Dana-Gaye both from Manchester Parish. Who all have competitive aspirations and are dedicated players.

Watch this space, Kingston is up next!

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